The PIL-Box is a creation of Jean-Fran├žois Garnier.

It provides an easy way to interface HP-IL devices a modern USB-equipped computer.

Instead of using the provided connectors, soldering directly the HP-IL to the board provides a more reliable connection.

For more information about this great enhancement to our Hp-IL calcs, please visit:

  • Cut the Hp-IL cable in two & remove insulation
  • You have to unsolder the pads supporting the connectors
  • Write down the connection type next to each pad
  • Unsoldered and marked pads
  • Put thermoret on each cable to prevent cables from splitting
  • Solder each cable to the adequate pad
  • All pads soldered
  • All pads soldered
  • Heat gently the thermoret
  • All done!
  • Back in the box
  • Ready to close.
  • Tighten all 4 screws
  • Ready to Go!