Yes, SR-52 card reader wheels also deteriorate!

1 - Using a washer (fr. : joint de robinet) adjusted to dimensions, mount the washer on the wheel, sanding the rubber till it is aligned with the axis.

2 - Rebuild the pressure pad: this is absolutely essential to the card alighnment.

3 - Check capstan by applying 3V DC to the motor: the capstan must turn freely in it's hole. But it must also apply enough pressure to the underlying white plastic roller.

4 - Et voilà!!!

  • Poncer jusqu'à l'alignement du cabestan et de son moyeu
  • Refaire le tampon presseur en feutre (IMPORTANT!!)
  • Appliquer 3V DC au moteur pour vérifier l'entraînement
  • Et voilà!!!