Isabelle d’Este took a major part in the Italian Renaissance. Kind and supportive to artists, she welcomes you to discuss any topic related to old Hp or Ti...calculator repairs.

Isabelle d’Este a joué un rôle majeur dans la Renaissance italienne. Protecteur et soutien des artistes, elle vous accueille donc toujours pour toute question relative aux réparations de calculatrices anciennes Hp ou TI...

Tips from Isabelle...

  1. Classics:
    - Repairing the Superstar Card reader

  2. Coconut: the calculator you had to squeeze to make it work:

    - Repairing/replacing the zebra connector.
    - Alternatively using IDE cable to repair the zebra connector.
    - Wiring a Quadmem Ram module in the calculator.
    - Wiring a Rom module in the calculator.

  3. Titan: the calculator that would not admit it was a true computer (or is it the other way round?):

    - Repairing/replacing the zebra connector.

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